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Categorize applications

Quatily offers the leading database of SaaS applications, that we classify by purpose, allowing you to effectively thwart shadow IT.


More than 70 000 entries recorded belonging to 3 850 applications, are recognized and classified under 15 categories:

- CRM                                                              - Social Networks

- Marketing & Mailing                                     - Call Center& Help Desk

- ERP & Project Mangement                          - Streaming

- IT& Communication                                     - Video Gaming

- Storage                                                         - Collaboration Tools

- Human resources                                        - Infrastructure

- Finance, Accounting & Billing                     - Healthcare Applications

- Specific Business



Download SAAS applications categories


 Categorize URLs

Quatily offers a URL database that enables more than a billion web pages to be analyzed in more than a hundred languages.


This URL database is divided into 100 categories grouped under 9 themes:

  • Criminal risk
  • Security risk
  • Adult content
  • Privacy
  • Bandwidth
  • Education
  • Retail services
  • Corporate services
  • Others


Download URLs categories database

Download URLs categories database

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Download SAAS applications categories

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Reference web pages simply by relying on quality

  • Backed by 17 years of experience in categorizing URLs
  • Individual pages of content manually and systematically analyzed by an expert
  • Lowest error rate among market players
  • Every type of content analyzed (images, videos, etc.)
  • 100 languages & cultures covered

Self-learning – a process that constantly improves results based on actual use

Exceptional coverage (98%)


Analysis of feedback from millions of end users

Exceptional coverage (98%)


Fine granularity and comprehensiveness to allow a wide variety of applications:

  • parental control
  • network optimization
  • data analysis
  • fending off cyber-attacks
  • web moderation


Keep your clients' data private:



  • Operate Quatily databases with full autonomy
  • Maintain control over data exchanged with clients
  • Trust chain intact

Lightweight efficiency:



  • Optimized storage (600 MB)
  • Efficient search algorithms
  • Databases adapted for low-CPU systems

Choose your own integration mode:



  • No mandatory SDK
  • Custom-defined mode, update frequency and database format
  • Categorize even unknown URLs reported by your products

Use case

Parental control

Young people between the ages of 6 and 16 spend an average of 14 hours per week on the Internet.


60% of those between 6 and 12 do so without any adult supervision.


Quatily databases are used for the purposes of parental control on:

  • operator equipment to filter at the core of the network,
  • operator appliances,
  • software installed on all types of client workstations: smartphones, tablets, PCs, etc.


Due to the sensitive nature of parental control and its challenges, we manually categorize every page of content that we analyze to guarantee a zero error rate.


The quality of our database therefore allows us to achieve unrivalled coverage with a near-zero false positive rate to guarantee uninterrupted browsing.

Security equipment

In cybersecurity, the scales are tipped between cybercriminals and their adversaries.


Machine-readable threat intelligence (MRTI) feeds now provide security devices with the ability to increase their detection capacities:

  • Proxy
  • Firewall
  • SIEM
  • Wi-Fi routers



Our databases rely on close to 200 sources dedicated to the detection of cyberthreats (URL compromises, C&C, phishing URLs, etc.).


Feedback from millions of users means the shortest response times when large-scale cybercriminal campaigns are detected.

Data/marketing analysis software

Data/marketing analysis software

Web browsing tells us a lot about a user.

Along with the expansion of big data technologies come new possibilities, with browsing data generating a great deal of interest (trend marketing, profiling, etc).

On their own, URLs are of little value; Quatily's database allows you to leverage them by associating them with a specific category.


The granularity of our classification techniques allows you to attach meaning to URLs:

  • To detect real-time compromises in SIEM systems
  • For marketing platforms that conduct profiling and retargeting
  • To identify economic intelligence trends
  • To detect inappropriate behavior
Real-Time Bidding platform

Quatily's URL bases are used on advertising platforms that offer RTB.

This means that certain advertisers can be blocked based on the type of media, ensuring that published advertisements comply with the media's editorial policy.

Social networks

Social networks and websites that allow content to be freely published are faced with the issue of moderation.

Such platforms are sometimes misused for illegal operations (for example, the promotion of drug use, terrorism or links to compromised URLs to infect users).

Quatily makes it possible to automatically monitor URLs even before they are published, thereby preventing any potential damage to the reputation of a website.

The company

Quatily is a brand developed by Olfeo. Olfeo is a software vendor founded in 2003 specializing in information security. Over more than a decade of experience, Olfeo has built up URL databases and SaaS applications that it uses in its own software solutions. Widely recognized for the quality of its databases and as the only European company in this sector, many publishers and vendors have since consulted Olfeo for its expertise. Olfeo has opted to share its expertise by offering its databases in the form of OEM contracts, creating as such the Quatily brand to represent its high standards of quality. Quatily's financial model adapts to your business model.
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